◆Tapioca Pearl Making Class
Use additive-free tapioca flour to make pearls.
Then, use the pearls to make pearl milk tea.
You can take home four servings home.
The cost is 2,000 yen for parent and child participation,
In the case of adult alone participation, it is 2,000 yen.
  • 麻婆とうふ(Mapo Tofu)
  • チリなす(Mala Eggplant)
  • チンジャオロース(Stir-Fried Green Peppers with Shredded Vegetarian Meat)
  • ハポ-サイ(Eight Treasures)
  • ホイコーロー(Stir-Fried Vegetarian Meat)
  • サンラータン(Hot and Sour Soup)
  • 藥膳スープ(Herbal Soup)
  • バンバンジー(Buckwheat Crackers)
  • 野菜餃子(Fried Dumplings)
  • 野菜春巻き(Fried Spring Rolls)
  • 松茸チャーハン(Matsutake Fried Rice)
  • クワイデザート(Water Chestnut Cake)
  • タピオカミルクティ(Pearl Milk Tea)
  • オ-ギュ-チ(Aiyu Jelly)
  • コーヒー(Coffee)
  • コウチャ(Black Tea)
​Vegetarian Lunch ¥1,000
​※1 plate serving unlimited
​Vegetarian Dinner Set ¥1,200
Banquet room with seating capacity of 100 people.
It can be used for various events such as parties, presentations and weddings.
(reservation required)
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